Four Possible Health Benefits of a Three-Season Sunroom

three-season sunrooms

Three-season sunrooms are a beautiful addition to any home. They transform covered porches into elegant multi-season rooms. However, not only do they look nice, but three-season sunrooms may also have worthwhile health benefits.

A three-season sunroom could help boost your mood

Fun fact: sunlight stimulates the release of serotonin, a hormone in your body that is associated with happiness. However, it isn’t easy to get adequate sunshine in your home, as most windows are not large enough to let in enough light. A three-season sunroom is a perfect solution to this problem. A three-season sunroom creates a space in your home where you can enjoy much-needed sunshine all day long. Its large windows bring plenty of light into your home which could increase your happiness.

A three-season sunroom may decrease stress

Studies have shown that being exposed to nature lowers stress levels. Three-season sunrooms enable you to experience nature within your own home. For instance, you can completely remove our windows to fully embrace the outdoors or close them as you please. But don’t worry, even when the windows are shut, you are still connected to nature since the room is completely enclosed with windows. These features make it possible to spend more time experiencing nature than ever before, which could in turn make you feel less stressed!

A three-season sunroom could help protect you from seasonal depression

Did you know that one of the main ways to treat seasonal depression is light therapy? Seasonal depression is triggered by changes in seasons. It typically begins in late fall and lasts until mid-spring. About 5% of American experience seasonal depression, so exposure to natural light is crucial for one’s mental health. Sunlight is a great way to get vitamin D, which is correlated with a lower risk of depression. As mentioned earlier, a three-season sunroom fills a room with natural light. When it’s sunny, but too cold out, you can spend the day in your three-season room which could give you a healthy dose of sunshine.

A three-season sunroom makes a great space to keep plants

A three-season sunroom is a perfect place to keep plants. Indoor plants have been found to have therapeutic effects. Studies have shown that being near plants can reduce physiological and psychological stress. Plants have other health benefits too; they have been shown to improve indoor air qualityPoor air quality is linked to health problems, like asthma, so owning indoor plants is a great way to improve your well-being. In addition to these benefits, plants are a stylish way to decorate your three-season room and make it unique. A three-season sunroom creates a place where plants can thrive since it brings in much more sunshine than other rooms.

What are you waiting for?

Wicker furniture makes three-season sunrooms feel even more like outdoor living spaces. They are often used in outdoor spaces where they require extra maintenance. This maintenance often includes putting them inside when it rains or constantly taking the cushions on and off. However, in a three-season sunroom, you can enjoy them without the hassle of constantly taking care of them and constantly being cognizant of the weather. Overall, wicker furniture opens up many options to design your three-season sunroom in a unique way. The dark furniture in the picture above looks striking with the woods behind it!