A Porch Enclosure System Makes for the Perfect Fall Getaway


As summer comes to an end, it becomes much more difficult to fully enjoy the outdoors—no matter how badly we want to. We have all experienced a fall day where you need a winter coat and boots in the morning and shorts and a t-shirt by mid-afternoon. To say the least, fall weather is unpredictable. It takes much more effort to enjoy the outdoors when the conditions are so volatile. PorchPros has the perfect solution: installing a porch enclosure system that serves as a multi-season sunroom.

What is a multi-season sunroom?

A multi-season sunroom is created for those who want to enjoy the outdoors without having to deal with the worst of the elements. Our porch enclosure systems are made of windows, screens, and frames, all of which are fully customizable. However, our porch enclosure systems are far different from traditional four-season sunrooms. First, the windows are not made of glass, but Flexi-glaze vinyl, which enables them to withstand the toughest blows nature (or people) throw at them. Second, our windows are entirely removable and can be adjusted to your liking, such as closing them halfway to let in some fresh air. Our products allow you to enjoy the weather on your terms.

How can a porch enclosure system make fall more enjoyable?

A common complaint about traditional porches is that they are a pain to maintain, especially in autumn. When the leaves begin to fall, they often land on your porch. Then, in order to use your porch, you have to spend extra time cleaning it. This time should be used to relax and enjoy it. Not to mention sticks and acorns tend to find their way to your porch which are an even bigger hassle to clean. However, a porch enclosure system allows you to make the most of the outdoors instead of creating more chores. Our multi-season sunrooms are fully screened-in enclosed porch systems, so you will never have to worry about leaves, sticks, acorns, or anything else the wind decides to throw at your porch again.

Another avoidable negative of autumn is that there are often critters hiding in piles of leaves. When piles of leaves collect on your porch, so do these pests. The creatures that call leaf piles home are not all harmless either; some of them can do some serious damage to you and your house. For instance, it is not uncommon to find ticks, snakes, and other potentially dangerous pests in leaf piles. Since porches are directly attached to your house, unenclosed ones offer easy access for these animals to make their way into your home. Once it gets colder, these animals try their best to make their way inside. A porch enclosure system easily protects you and your home from playing host to these unwelcome guests.

How does a porch enclosure system bring the outside in?

Our porch enclosure systems enable you to make the most out of fall. They make this possible no matter what mother nature throws at your multi-season sunroom! Autumn storms become captivating when you enter a multi-season sunroom. Not to mention, there is nothing like having a picturesque view of colorful leaves falling from the trees in the comfort of your own home.

Our porch enclosure systems are meant to bring friends and family together in a beautiful space. Picture this: it’s a beautiful Thanksgiving Day and you are hosting the holiday in your home. It’s sunny and the air feels extra refreshing, so you decide to turn your multi-season sunroom into the dining room. By bringing the outside in, you have created a space that is bright and welcoming. Our porch enclosure systems are also made to enrich everyday life: imagine spending your fall mornings enjoying a hot cup of coffee while soaking up the crisp air in your multi-season sunroom.

Overall, there is no better place to spend fall than in the comfort of your own home in a porch enclosure system.